All 2012 Insider videos

There are a lot of useful videos in the link below about SQL Server 2012.

Here are the details:
– Troubleshooting common VM issues
– Lecture video on indexing strategies from the MCM series
– Using the free PAL tool
– PerfMon tips and tricks
– Using the free SQL Nexus tool
– Using the free Plan Explorer tool
– Lecture video on snapshot isolation from the MCM series
– Using the 2012 Extended Events SSMS UI
– Using the free Process Explorer tool to diagnose CPU usage
– Using wait statistics demo from the MCM series
– Using the SSMS Tools Pack
– Using semantic search
– Using Distributed Replay (part 1)
– Using Distributed Replay (part 2)
– Using Distributed Replay (part 3)
– DBCC CHECKDB and rolled-back transactions
– RECOVERY, NORECOVERY, and STANDBY restore options from the MCM series
– SQL Agent cluster failover
– Cardinality estimation issues
– Setting PerfMon default counters
– EXECUTE AS and SQL injection from the MCM series
– Regaining instance access without the sysadmin role
– Regaining instance access without downtime
– Using Windows Server 2012 Task Manager
– Indexing strategies from the MCM series